Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Mild and rainy

That was today's weather.

I kept looking out my front door all day and this is what I saw.

Rain drops on the puddles melting what snow was left.

Our wet front steps with our Christmas tree waiting to get picked up.

We have a lot of squirrels in the backyard.

He braved the rain hoping for a handout. I don't feed them, my husband does. This little guy doesn't look like he's missed many meals. Nice and plump is what I'd call him.

My cookie jars. All have some cookies in them except the horse. He's vocal and neighs loudly when you open his mouth. The friar is a cookie jar that I bought for my mom. I didn't have cookies growing up but when I got old enough to bake myself, it's one of the things that I made. My mom and I had our favourite recipes and the friar usually held something. 

I made a couple of blocks for a new quilt that I have been wanting to make. It's a Red Boot quilt design called Scrap Bin Sheep.

I worked on the quilt that's in the frame. The row is now complete. I'm planning on getting the other end done so I can duplicate the quilting. I don't have to but I like symmetry.

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  1. I like your Friar cookie jar! Is he "Tucked" full of cookies? Hehe I also like symmetry, it will be a beautiful and colorful quit, looks big!

  2. Everything is wet and soggy here too. Kind of depressing. Love your Friar cookie jar. And your quilting looks great!

  3. Lol! Here in Vancouver it usually looks like that out our doors, rainy and wet. I must say I do like it! Great quilting!


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