Monday, January 2, 2017


Today was spent with granddaughters but yesterday I did get some sewing done. First day of the new year.

I managed to sew the second block of the 150 Canadian Women sew along. Sew it - I did but iron it, I didn't.

Poor Bert had languished in my sewing room for years and probably decades. He is missing an ear but I had to fix his foot. It had come apart at the seam and my granddaughter told me that I had to fix 'her' Bert. Talk about inducement...
Anyway, his foot is now together and while I was sewing it, I noticed that it wasn't the first repair job that Bert has had to undergo. I do believe that Bert belonged to my eldest son Mark - father of the little girl who told me to fix him.

This book on tape kept me company while I sewed. I'm not finished it yet.

I altered this pattern. The armholes were too big, the front was too low and, since I was going to add a separating zipper, it didn't have to be so wide. I also wanted the front hem to be straight. I didn't have big white paper or newsprint with which to make a new pattern so I thought I would use some parchment paper. Not a good idea since the paper would not hold dressmakers carbon marks. Dumb idea. I looked in my cupboard and ended up using the reverse side of some wrapping paper. The pieces have been cut but I have to go to Fabricland and pick up a small separating zipper in order to finish it. 

So far, that's it. I still have a quilt on the frame that needs some attention so hopefully tomorrow I can get to it.


  1. You are busy! The block will take on new life once pressed, and I've mended more than one passed from one generation to another beloved stuffie as well. Maybe you can fashion a Bert ear? Good start to a new year!

  2. Happy New Year, Dolores! Lots of sewing to start a new one. I made a lot of things last year and I am pretty sure this year will be the same.

  3. Happy New Year to you too!
    I live listening to audible books while creating! A way for me to get books finished, as I am a slow reader.

  4. Down here I can buy pattern paper that is white, and sometimes I use thin interfacing that stays on the fabric when I cut out a pattern. Love the repair job, grandson has a blue bear that is almost 20 years old, and both his Nana Diana and myself have added suede hands and feet, re-sewn the ears, and more.

  5. Your red and white block looks fine already. Repaired toys must be the most loved ones, from generation to generation.
    Happy New Year!


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