Saturday, January 28, 2017


For years I wanted to make a hooded towel. My eldest grandson, Luc, had one that was made by one of his mother's friends. It was a great size with one side being towelling fabric and the other side was flannel. I took measurements but never ended up making it. I wanted to make one for each of the three little people. I purchased actual towels because they were cheaper than buying towelling fabric. I have loads of flannel to use up. Well, last weekend our family held our 'second Christmas' again when our youngest daughter, Ayla, came home. I wanted to make something quick and new for little Teemu so I thought about the hooded towel. I even had a pattern this time. It was one of the older patterns in my stash (yes, I have a stash of patterns, not just fabric.)

This is it. Fun flannel purchased on sale a while ago.

The towelling fabric is soft and much better than those stretchy hooded baby towels.

 I really like the size and hope that Teemu can use it for years to come.

There wasn't enough of the white to cut the hood part too so I used another towel I purchased that was a tad too small (not wide enough for this pattern.)

Teemu's daddy trying it on.

I will be making a couple more. 


  1. Love this, Dolores! Something to remember. I can just feel the coziness (:

  2. What a great idea. Hooded towels are wonderful for little people!

  3. Great idea - I've seen these towels in stores but never thought of making one.

  4. Those are just wonderful - love how yours turned out!


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