Monday, August 3, 2015

Finishing up

In July I found that there were a few quilts that ended up being completely finished.

My Row by Row quilt was done quickly, hand quilted and bound. I was determined to finish it and bring it to a participating shop. It's amazing what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it.
This was the third charity quilt that the Champagne Quilters hand quilted. I bound it in the purple after Marg and I auditioned different fabrics.

This was the other charity quilt that was completed this month. We have now taken a break for the summer but we already discussed what colours and fabrics to use in the next quilt. 

I'm linking up with Julie's binding blitz this month.

And a great big


B I R T H D A Y!!!!

to my daughter Laila. She was my first baby and I found that I loved being a mom.


  1. Love the rows, and the others too, every one a winner today.

  2. I love that row by row quilt. The ducks are wonderful!

  3. Hi Dolores! You sure did accomplish a lot. Love your row quilt and your charity quilts are wonderful. Enjoy your break!

  4. I saw your row by row on Julie's binding blitz. SO CUTE! Did you win at one of the shops? I'm collecting rows from around the country and have picked up several here locally. I may have enough for multiple quilts when I'm done! :-)

  5. You've been busy with all those projects - hope you're remembering to take some time to enjoy the summer.

  6. Congratulations with your oldest child! S
    And wonderful to have all those finishes in July. Go August ;o)

  7. Beautiful! Warm greetings from another true blue Canadian in Montreal! :)

  8. what a beautiful quilts....i like the colour composition


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