Saturday, August 15, 2015

Just a little sewing

Here's an update on what my silk ribbon embroidery looks like.

There are just two more flowers to go. The next one is a rose bush.

This is the little outfit I'm in the process of making for little Teemu (all of three months old now.) I can't believe that, even though this pattern says 'Easy,' the shirt collar is made in two pieces. I have made many, many little shirts for my two sons and grandsons and the patterns I used had the collar as one piece only. A lot 'easier' and so much quicker. I shall make it the way the pattern suggests but I've already had to alter the pants. It seems that the parents think the legs are too wide. 'Skinny' pants are in don't you know...(?)
 Little Teemu's California grandparents are here visiting so he's getting lots of hugs and attention. He  loves smiling and talking and dislikes a wet diaper.


  1. Your silk ribbon embroidery looks pretty nice. I have always wanted to make some, but not yet started a proper work, I have stitched only few samples...

  2. I love that tree embroidery; nicely done.

  3. What pretty embroidery. It looks amazing. And the suit will be great.

  4. Stunning embroidery, and for shirts some, well many years ago, some were two piece, but a lot easier if one piece. the two pieced ones were shaped more and for adults I thought. That little suit will be great.

  5. The embroidery project looks lovely. I have made my share of little boys' shirts and the one piece collar is a lot easier and also softer for the young neck. You haveso much sewing experience that there will be no problem with the more demanding pattern. Still, they should not call it easy!

  6. nice ribbons! love how 3d they are. : ) Thought I'd pop by to say hello. Haven't bloghopped in a long time. Happy summer! ~Monika

  7. Hello Dolores,

    Of course skinny pants are in our Grandson has Chinno's he wears to show of his skinny legs! I sometimes think pattern makers are from a different planet, why they have to change something like how to make a collar is beyond me. No wonder some people get turned of sewing.
    Enjoying seeing your embroidery.

    Happy days.

  8. Teemu is going to be so handsome in his outfit - hope you're able to share pictures when the time comes. Better you doing that sewing than me though!


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