Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Family time and class progress

To celebrate Eric's birthday, we took in a Blue Jays game last night. They didn't win against Philadelphia but we had fun nevertheless - even in the heat and humidity.

The Rogers Centre...

formerly known as Skydome. I took these photos early on and that's why the stands look a bit sparsely attended.

We had a great view of the CN Tower and we sat in the shade. Eric knows where the best seats are since he's been here once or twice (several times, actually) before.

As I said, an early photo where the seats were not filled yet.

Believe it or not, it's not this little guy's first baseball game.

All decked out for the day. Sunglasses to shield young eyes and earphones for the all the loudness. He was a little trooper and good as gold throughout the whole game.

And here's my progress on the silk flower embroidery class.

Daffodils, wisteria and irises. I do love making the irises.


  1. Your grandson is a doll. Love those headphones. I love the deisgn of the embroidery; very romantic.

  2. Hello Dolores,

    Oh he looks super cute in those glasses. Loving your embroidery, did you paint the background?

    Happy days.

  3. Nice that you got to enjoy a game together! Nothing like a family outing! Your SRE is looking great!

  4. Your grandson is adorable. Love those glasses and headphones! Your silk flower embroidery looks amazing!

  5. Beautiful delicate embroidery, and what a family photo to remember.

  6. Getting tickets to Jays games has just become a whole lot harder! You can feel the excitement in the air right now.


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