Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Treat

My mom always made Sunday dinner. My children grew up with it. Some of my mom's dishes are well known in the family and there are some favourites. Since she hasn't made Sunday dinners for years (she is in a long term care facility also known as a nursing home) some of us in the family have tried to re-produce some dishes. One Christmas, unbeknownst to most of the family, my son made the zucchini with tomato sauce. Since he didn't let anyone know what he was doing, I had decided to do the same dish. It was a sort of 'who did it best' situation. Lemon snow, a dessert that my mom used to make, came into conversation not too long ago. Family dinner now occurs once a month and my youngest, Ayla, thought she would make it but wanted to try it out first, before offering it to the rest of the family.

So, this past Sunday, she came over for chicken dinner and brought over dessert - lemon snow. I'll just say that there were no leftovers.


  1. Old favourites are always the best and most memorable. I love all things lemon.
    Cheers from Oshawa Ontario

  2. Mmmm! Lemon snow! Have not had that for ages. Lemon pudding cake too. Let's trot that recipe out again too. Yummy stuff we had in our youth, eh?

  3. Don'tcha love some of the oldie but goody recipes? Can't say I have ever had lemon snow...I'm off to google it ..

    Our weeks were pretty humdrum some days as kids... when I look back now I realize our Mum was depressed ...totally...and who would blame her with a husband like my Dad...

    My sister and I sometimes say in our emails.. ... let's have mashed potatoes, sausages and creamed corn...then we laugh our heads off and ask each other?.. is it Thursday? Because inevitably...it was that day of the week that poor Mom would give us that for supper... sometimes now though... we do have it and a tear will come to our eyes ...as we say to each other the next day...guess what I made for supper yesterday...and, we think back to say...at least we had her for as long as we did... and she did feed us in spite of the way things were.... thanks Mom...

  4. What a nice, and tasty, thing to do as a family.


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