Wednesday, March 13, 2013


A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I, along with two of her friends, went to the Textile Museum of Canada to see the Marimekko exhibit.

Just a little introduction for those of you who are not familiar with the Finnish textile company.
There was a lot to see.
Huge pieces of fabric.
Bright, vibrant colours, graphic.
Historic pieces.
This one was a reproduction.
Patterns and fabric samples.
Someone had a wonderful collection of garments (most of them were the same size.)
More garment patterns and a doll pattern.
Graphic floor cushions.
My daughter and her friends really liked the simplistic coat dresses. A 60s, Twiggy style for those of you who remember.
Lots of colour.
Lots of pattern.
Not all were simplistic. Some fabrics were quite busy with design.
At the end of the exhibit...
there was a great display...
of small...
samples of...
beautiful fabrics.
I have my own piece of Marimekko fabric.
This is a long strip (it's folded on my lovseat) that was given to me by my blogging friend, Ulla.
I will be using it in a special quilt that will hang in my home.
Just a little off topic: My family knows I always have questions and some of them are strange or 'off the wall.' Here's my question for today: it's about the Pope.

All the cardinals who could potentially have become Pope come in all different sizes. Tall, short, skinny and rotund. So, how many papal outfits do they have waiting for just the right person? The white garments that Pope Francis wore when he first appeared on the balcony looked like it fit like a glove - tailored just for him.


  1. How lucky to be able to see the Marimekko exhibit! I was looking at your photos closely to see if I could find the pattern of one I had made into a caftan years ago and no longer have. Didn't see it.

    I read somewhere that the papal tailor always makes several sizes of the white garments and hopes one will fit. Sometimes they have had to be tucked in or even split open at the back.

  2. Great exhibition showing the best years of Marimekko. My sister had some of their dresses in the 60's and I have worn them after her. My mother made me one summer dress of Marimekko fabric when I was about 13. - They are making many of the old favourite prints in reproduction today.

  3. Marvellous fabrics! I love the piece you have. Very special. (I've never seen a skinny pope yet!)

  4. I would love to see a Marimeko exhibit. I remember going to a Marimeko store in New York over 40 years ago. I will have to hunt down my big flower piece of fabric.

  5. Thanks for sharing the exhibit Dolores. It is just wonderful. I would love to see it in person.
    I dont think there is a one-size-fits-all robe so I am sure the New Pope had several sizes to pick from.

  6. Probably more or less like suits... S M & L .... fit most guys at the shoulders.... and the rest of the 'dress' is pretty baggy my guess is they have several sizes ready anyway......

  7. Very interesting exhibit!
    I have been told they have three sizes outfits waiting at the end of the conclave - small, medium and large. I suspect they then adjust it a bit before he appears on the balcony, and they will then make 'proper' fitting ones before he starts office.

  8. Hi Dolores,
    Thanks for taking us on that fabric tour, I love it. Some very interesting pieces of material indeed. I only just remember Twiggy!! lol.
    Cheers, Anita.

  9. Thanks for sharing! I love the Textile Museum.

  10. In the early 70's there was a small shop at Bay & Bloor that sold their fabric. They had some on the bolt but most of it was in sample books. I spent many a lunch hour in that store:)


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