Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Done - the big reveal

Since these have now been seen by the recipient, I can show you what I was working on.

The cross stitch card got finished and I like the colour I used instead of pink.
My crochet project was a cocoon. My daughter chose the colours.
The pattern is from Red Heart but they had it in Christmas white with red pompom yarn. I changed the pattern since I thought the original was a tad too wide.
I added the vine and leaves because I thought it was a bit too plain.
So, now you know what the little sneak peak of crochet ended up being.

I'm linking up with the Needle and Thread Network. Pop on over to see some great projects being worked on.


  1. SO, SO CUTE !
    I just love both of them ;>)


  2. Looks LOVELY, enjoy and congrats again.

  3. Very cute. I love the idea of baby cocoons and wish they were around when my daughters were babies.

  4. not being familiar with babies - well not modern ones anyway, I had a time figuring what a cocoon might be, but by reading Joanne's comment, I do think I got it.... Why didn't we think of those things back 30-40 years ago?? so much easier that trying to fold a square piece of flannellette tightly around those little bodies!

  5. What a great idea. Luv the vine!

  6. That is so pretty! (cocoon)

    : )

    Cross stitch is hard (for me). I have a little card thingy from the embroidery guild and I can't for the life of me figure out how they keep track of where they are! lol



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