Thursday, February 28, 2013

Just a little bit of History

Just in case you don't follow Karen's blog, here's s wonderful snippet (a small video) showing what the ladies of Canada, particularly Nova Scotia, did during the war for families suffering in Britain.

I love the fact that a lot of the quilts have survived. They have obviously been used, well cared for and well loved.

Now, here's a sneaky photo of something that I am working on. Actually, I finished the item but I am now in the process of enhancing it. Once it's all done, I will show you the finished item.


  1. Loved the video. What very special treasured quilts.

  2. Really, really loved the video, thank you. Can't wait to see what you're working on...and I LOVE your blocks in your last post, you're making me want to make a quilt just like it, lol!

  3. How moving! Quilts really carry love, don't they ?

    I'm SO CURIOUS to see what you're doing ???? Especially as it looks like crochet... Don't wait too long until your next post! ;>)

    Friendly thoughts,

  4. Interesting video. Can't wait to see what you are working on.

  5. How nice to see all those treasures, made with love and generosity. An intriguing preview of your work, too.

  6. over 24,000 ....that's amazing. It brings a tear to my eye listening to the ladies and how they felt about it... ....

  7. Interesting to see and not see what you are working on!


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