Friday, August 25, 2017

Sewing for the little ones

Severn likes pink and Mackenzie likes blue. I had some remnants that I found and could use up. Last year's Row by Row theme was Home Sweet Home and I purchased a fat quarter of one of the theme fabrics. I remembered that, as it sat on a chair shortly after I bought it, the girls found it fascinating. There are all sorts of houses, signs and little critters on the fabric so I thought it might be a good idea to use some of it to make pockets. The dress was a nice, quick pattern and what I liked best about it was that it was self faced. I'm not keen on little girls' dress patterns these days because most of them have bias binding as a finishing on armholes. I don't like how the bias looks on a finished garment.

I also made a couple of sun bonnets for the newest members of the family. I found a free pattern on Purl Soho's website and asked the new moms if they wanted one for their little ones.

 Maili chose the fabrics for Esme's hat.

Mark, my son and Darcy's daddy, wanted a bonnet for her and so he thought it would be nice if both girls had the same fabric.

Only the brim is different.

Looks like it fits.

Little Esme, almost four months old now.

And I made something for big brother Teemu.

Not sewing but knitting. When I was looking through my stash for a certain yarn, I came across two partial balls of a jacquard that I had used to make a sweater for Patric. I thought that it might be enough to make a hat for Teemu and, as you can see, it was. I'm not keen on this pattern because I don't like the way the decrease looks once it's finished. I made note of it on the pattern so I probably won't be making it anymore.

I'm now in the process of sewing a dress for Esme and Teemu's mom so once it's done, I'll take a photo. There's a never ending list. Did I mention that there are two more little ones due later this year?


  1. So very sweet! You can soon launch a kids' fashion collection for under 7 years olds! From head to toe.

  2. Beautiful sewing going on there. Those little dresses are so cute nice job...hugs, Julierose

  3. Those dresses are just darling, and oh those sunbonnets!!!! Especially with Esme modeling it! Your family is so blessed to have you stitch for them, Dolores!

  4. Dolores, you are the most prolific sewer four little ones that I know. Your work is exquisite, I especially love the bonnets!


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