Sunday, June 4, 2017

Two new and four refurbished

I have been sewing for the little people in my life again.

Two new pairs of pajamas. One size 4 (the blue ones) and one size 6. The patterns are ones that I have had since my children were small.

These are pacifier clip straps (or strings.) The twins used them and I suggested making new ones. I had made the two bottom ones. They all needed to be freshened up for their new baby sister.

Two of the clips didn't seem as if they would hold too well and so I only re-used the two better clips. 

I had some new clips in my stash and managed to come up with bright fabrics for these. The red and white is in honour of Canada's 150th birthday.

Weather-wise, we've had rain. And more rain.

It's great for greening up the grass and bushes.

But one day the sun was shining and it was still raining.

I have more little people sewing to finish up. Once I've completed it, I'll take photos and show you what I accomplished - using remnants.


  1. Lovely sewing for the little ones, I'm sure we will see more very soon. Red and white, the July date will be here all too soon. I have seen more tulips specially grown for this celebration, they are beautiful.

  2. Basic patterns for children are the best, and with modern fabrics they look like today's fashion.

  3. Love your little people sewing! My daughter asked me to be on the lookout for some lightweight pj's for her son. I think I may have to make some. This rain is crazy. Why can't we just have a little at night and sunshine during the day? The weeds in my garden are the tallest and healthiest I have ever seen them.

  4. I loved sewing pj's for my boys too. Love playing with flannel. Great job on your projects. Congrats. ;^)

  5. We've had the same kind of weather, but sunny today so far. You must know that pj pattern by heart, as well as the binky holder. Those must be life savers for the moms.

  6. Lots of rain here too, very little sun. Sewing for little people is such fun, isn't it?!

  7. Aw is there any better sewing to do than for little ones! Hope you get some dry days soon - I didn't think we'd EVER dry up!


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