Monday, June 5, 2017

Just a bit of cross stitch

Whenever a new grandchild was born, I always gave a cross stitched card to go with the gift.

This was the very first card kit that I cross stitched. I made one for Luc and then four years later, I had acquired an identical kit and made it up for Teemu.

This was the second card kit that I made.

I changed the colour a bit because it was for baby Patric's gift.

This one I did when the twins were born in 2014. It was hard to find a 'welcome twins' cross stitch.

Here's the beginnings of yet another card. I took this photo to show just how important the black outlining is. It just defines everything.

Here's the finished card. It was for Esme's gift.

And this last one, the same design but a slightly different colour palette, I made for Darcy's gift. These last two are cards that I cut a window out of and finished myself.

It has been hard to find cross stitch card designs for babies. I remember when cross stitch was the thing to do and there were several stores devoted to cross stitch but now, there is very little and almost nothing for babies. After exhausting the internet and my own cross stitch booklets (I had nothing in way of baby designs), I emailed my friend Judy and she found a booklet that she had. She scanned it for me and these last two are from that booklet. 
I then (finally) thought about the library and, after doing a search of the catalogue, found and borrowed two books on cross stitch card designs. Both books have a couple of designs that I could use. About a week ago I also found the newest Cross Stitcher magazine and not only did it have a cross stitch of my favourite flamingo, it also had several welcome baby designs. So, I'm all set now.


  1. They are so beautiful, a few years ago my friend Jeanette ( of the car and knitting needle bag that matches the colour) made and posted me a card with "J" for my birthday in July. This was so special, and yours, I hope will be kept forever.

  2. So very beautiful! I used to do those too. And Christmas cards and ornaments as well. The cross stitch days are over. Good for you for finding a few more.

  3. Wow they're beautiful! I have a cross stitch that my non-sewing sister-in-law made for my youngest, she was going through a bone marrow transplant and needed something to keep busy....she died shortly after and we treasure the card she made. I'm glad you were able to find new patterns, everything is coming back now, it seems!

  4. Your cards are beautiful and wonderful keepsakes for the family.

  5. These are all lovely. I hope the parents treasure them.. frame them maybe?

  6. The beautiful cards will look great framed! I think cross stitching is a fashion like any other, and could be coming up again. I have seen cross stitch magazines again at the newsstand.

  7. What a great idea! These cards are sure to become family heirlooms.


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