Friday, June 5, 2015

Little quilts and family genes

This is just one of the quilts on the frame.

The other one is just boring straight line quilting but this one needed something extra in the border.


The fastest quilt ever. I don't remember how long it took to piece but it wasn't a whole day and it only took two days to quilt (not full days.) My friend Marg said I could have quilted it by machine but I figure by the time I cut the batting and backing, pin baste or spray glue, and then quilt on the machine, I wasn't saving a whole lot of time. It was relatively quick to put on the frame and quilt in the ditch. I was going to quilt diagonal lines but this was quicker. I love its fresh look. It's also so much lighter with its polyester batting than if I used a flat batt.

On a more personal note:

These are little Teemu's aunts, uncles and mommy - my five babies. These photos were taken when they were all still in the hospital and are in no particular order.

This is little Teemu.

 So, who do you think he looks like? Number 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?

 He sleeps so much that it's hard to see his little eyes. He is thriving though, and within the two weeks he has been here, he's almost gained a whole pound.

I love the pattern for this sweater and I love the yarn too. His hat yarn is the same yarn I used for my first grandson when I knit the same sweater and a matching hat (though a different pattern.)

I'm going to be busy sewing Teemu's little cousins some hoodies this weekend.
I hope you all have a safe and restful weekend.


  1. I clicked on your photos, but the one with all the littlies didn't come large enough for me to decide a number. He is thriving, maybe his arms just need to grow a little more. Lovely wool too. You are going to be sooo busy.

  2. He looks like a combination of all of them! How adorable is he in his sweater and hat. Your quilts are darling, love the stars you're quilting.

  3. Maybe #3, if I count from top, then L to R, so which one is Mummy??

  4. He looks like himself, one day a bit like his mom or uncle, and the other day like his dad. Anyway he looks cute!
    Thank you for all your quilt show pictures. I liked best the ones with softer colours, and especialy the white string quilt (before the turquoise).

  5. I can certainly see a family resemblance. But he looks like Teemu. He's adorable!

  6. Oh yes, lots of resemblance there. He looks adorable in his sweater and cap.

  7. I think he looks like #5. He's a sweet looking baby! Hugs,

  8. I think cute Teemu is number one. They all look the same.
    Sometimes it's nice to sew fast quilts. Both quilts are nice :)

  9. Strong family resemblance. A bit like our family. We're like peas in a pod!

  10. Love how in all the pictures the babies had their arms up (-: such sweetness and such a pretty name. Never heard it.

  11. I'm voting for the one on the upper right - however, Teemu is his own little self and is just such a cutie. Our little one turned a year old on Monday - time flies so fast!


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