Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lindsay Creative Quilters quilt show - Part three

The show was really quite nice. Lots of quilts and plenty of vendors. I got my 40+ year old shears adjusted and sharpened by the scissor man. I had seen him at quilt shows and this time I remembered to bring my shears. I bought them a very long time ago and hadn't used them in years. Now that I am sewing things for little people I figured it was time to take the shears out and use them.

Now, the last of the photos. (please excuse the spacing because for some reason I cannot correct it.)

Another quilt in soft colours.

It's not the Winter Wonderland. This one is embroidered in grays and blacks.

I love old cars and trucks.

There's an awful lot of handwork in this quilt.

 Just in case any of you want to get the pattern.

This would make such a nice quilt for a young boy or a teenager.

OK, maybe even for your husband.

Scrap quilt but in a limited palette.

The two-tone background fabric sets off the hexagons nicely.

I hope the colour shows up on this. I really, really liked the background fabric. It's not white, gray or off white. It's tone on tone yellow. Surprisingly very nice indeed.

Simple and pretty.

Little paper dolls.

Remember dressing them? This one had 3-D elements.

Oh what fun.

A t-shirt quilt honouring Terry Fox.

I didn't think that taking a photo of the whole quilt would show up so I just took a close-up - hand quilted, of course.

A quilt that had candlewicking - something you don't see often.

I took a chance and hoped the photo showed the wonderful hand quilting.

A challenge.

The winner. This little bunny was made by my quilting buddy, Judy.

This challenge was judged by Mary Anne. She has photos of some of the other entries. I didn't photograph the others because the lighting wasn't that great but I did want a close-up of Judy's bunny.

For those of you who are crazy quilters. This was in the foyer as you entered.

And now, here's an unusual quilt.

A map of Canada - totally embroidered.

I loved it.

Click on the photos for a bigger picture.

I wonder how the maker made it.

I also wondered why it was made.

It's almost like a teaching quilt. I remember puzzles of Canada that we got as children from the parliament buildings that had keys about the industries in each province and territory.

Too bad no one knows who made this true piece of history.

I hope you enjoyed the show.


  1. That was another great show - I really love that map quilt, I think it's an awesome idea, and your friend Judy's bear is just darling!!!

  2. that looks a fab show......more interesting than the one I went to in Toronto last year

  3. that looks a fab show......more interesting than the one I went to in Toronto last year

  4. I do like the bunny ... probably because I make bears and bunnies...and, I did contemplate doing a quilted one back in the day... never did find a nice old quilt ... and...well, I didn't ever think to make one of my own... but, you never know...piecing some fabrics together for a cute smaller one is probably not out of the question...

  5. Wow, it would be so great to see that show. So many beautiful quilts.

  6. This was a good show. Lots of variety. Thanks for the pics.

  7. I was really impressed by the Canada quilt too - how I wish more of the background story was available. Overall it was a great show and so well organized and laid out. Will have to wait two years for the next one!

  8. The quilts in all 3 posts were just amazing! Thank you so very much for sharing them. (It was also fun to see a quilt and think, "Ooh, I love this one," only to see your comment that you felt the same way!)


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