Monday, June 1, 2015

Lindsay Creative Quilters quilt show - Part one

This weekend, on the way to the quilt show, this is what we encountered.

Dark clouds ahead.

We were driving into a rain storm. Luckily, I got into the quilt show before the clouds burst open. Off and on rain for the rest of the day. We needed it.
Please click on the photo to view it bigger if you wish.
Nice fabrics.

Tilted log cabin hearts.

Toned down fabrics.

A bed-sized paper pieced quilt. I saw this in pieces because it's made by my friend Judy.

This was stunning and incredible. 

I did think it was machine embroidered -but it's not.

Just a photo of some of the detail.

Very pretty.

This is the same pattern but using different fabrics.

This was prettier in person.

Oh, I loved this.

Here's the other side. What a great little quilt. Just take a limited palette and go to it.

A paper pieced beauty.

I found myself liking the quilts that had that 'bygone days' look to it.

What a happy looking quilt. I liked the fact that the quilter had the same fabric in four different colours.

I did the same thing - figuring out the pattern from a photo or an ad. Mine was a small wall hanging, though.

A very nice scrap quilt - done in fabrics that read as solids.
A Harebrained Happenings pattern. It always brings a smile to my face. This one had such a bright border.

A cute calendar quilt.

I do like stained glass quilts.

I leave you with two children's quilts today.
Sunbonnet Sue.

And of course, Fisherman Fred or Overall Bill.

More tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful quilts! Thanks for taking me along to Lindsay. I love your virtual quilt show. And we certainly did need that rain. My plants are singing in the garden.

  2. I love your friend's 'pond' and the stained glass.

  3. So glad you escaped the downpour, and so many beautiful quilts, many hours of cutting, stitching and finishing in every one.

  4. Wonderful show Dolores , lots of incredible quilts . That sky sure looks like a huge storm is brewing .

  5. You know I always enjoy your online quilt shows - and this is special because I actually got to skim over these myself. My friend tires easily so I didn't get to really inspect the quilts. Now I can, thanks to you! (ps. hope your DH dried off after our drenching!!).

  6. A lovely selection of quilts:) My son went camping over the weekend. He came back Monday wet and mosquito bitten but he enjoyed he says....LOL

  7. Wonderful quilts. The embroidered ladies are fantastic and the Hairbrained Happenings is such a delight to see.

  8. So many pretty and special quilts! Thank you for sharing all of them with us. I wonder how many hours of work it would add up to, if the hours spent on each quilt were added together.

  9. I hopped over from Magpie's Mumblings. These quilts are all fabulous! Thank you for sharing.


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