Monday, March 30, 2015

Once again

This time I have photos from the Etobicoke quilt show. Have fun viewing them.

  The lighting in the main room wasn't the best and the information tags were small so not all of these will have additional information.

A very modern looking quilt.

Lucky granddaughter.

While I am not a hexagon fan, I do like the colours in this and it's big hexagons.

See what I mean about the lighting and the fact that these information tags are small? At least they do have the dimensions on them.

There were a lot of lap sized quilts so they were doubled up the wall.

The blurb on this one was interesting.

I think I will be checking out the dollar store a bit more closely next time I'm there.

I do like the colours in the one on the lower left.

A great mix of fabrics.

Here's a close-up of the hand quilting.

A blue pineapple quilt and Edyta Sitar's umbrella pattern which was actually appliqued by hand and not fused on.

I thought you'd like to see this one a bit closer.

The blurb.

This was very fresh and spring-like.

They looked more like tulips and not daffodils.

I guess this is a popular pattern since there was one quilt like this in the last quilt show.

I'm short but I'm glad that the hand quilting showed up in this one.

Another lucky granddaughter.

This was a huge quilt.

A great story.

 What else is there to say about this quilt but fun, fun, fun.

Those Harebrained Happenings ladies have some really cute patterns. Another great quilt story.

Minimalistic but I liked it. I like the muted greens.

That's it for today. More tomorrow.


  1. So much fine sewing and stitching, but my favourite by a country mile is " A Thousand Trees" lovely choices of colours for every pyramid. You did so well to get all those photos, inside is not the easiest place.

  2. Beautiful quilts. Love Windy Night!

  3. So (sew?) nice to see all these quilts. I'm particularly intrigued by Circle Dance.

  4. Oh I like all those squirly 'round' ones. So much work!

  5. The plaid like quilts look very interesting. Lots of talent and work on display; very beautiful.

  6. Thanks for the pictures - looks like it was a great show. Quilt shows are so good for getting the creative juices flowing!

  7. Can't pick a favourite this time - they're all fun. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for sharing!!! Beautiful quilted creations... They must be incredible up close and in person!!


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