Friday, March 27, 2015

Kindred Hearts Quilt Show - Part two

Continuing on with another photo heavy post.

This quilt has some of the same colours as the table runner I left off at in part one of the quilt show.

This quilt was so unique as a baby quilt. The setting and the colour is not the usual thing you find in baby quilts.

As you can see from the backing fabric, the quilter cut up animals and framed them in black.

These were up on the stage and we really couldn't get close enough to read the labels.

Judy said that she had a scrapbook of scrap quilt ideas and this was one of them. Quilter's cache calls it nine patch - straight furrows.

A new one on me - the border triangle setting is called migrating geese.

Here's more of the quilt.

 Apt name for the quilt.

I think this is a very cute idea to measure a child.

Quite a mixture of batiks.

Judy said that this was done with one of those specialty rulers.

What can I say? It's a nine patch. It doesn't get much easier than that but this is so effective.

This is a fun pattern.

Here's a close-up of how the curves were made.

Simple pattern and great colours.

Simple nine patch again and made by the same quilter as the previous one.

What a fun pattern and some great fabrics.

Hunter's star. I like the pattern but have yet to make one.

This was a fun baby quilt with the 3D elements.

There's an awful lot of points on this. I didn't take a close-up but the blocks have snowmen in the middle.

This is the border and you can see the cute little snowmen.

This is the final quilt.

There are two quilt shows this weekend and so there will be more photos, more inspiration.

I hope you found something new and perhaps a new pattern or two.


  1. This would have been a long walk to view them all, my favourite, yesterday's " Stonehenge" and today "Wander and Roam" by Nonie.

  2. Brilliant, quilt show pics.
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

  3. Thanks for the two trunk shows from Kindred Spirits. I wasn't able to get to the show; it is great to be able to see the show from the comfort of home!

  4. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. Congrats on winning the Pretzel pin cushion.

  5. Nice to see the show, since I can't get there in person.

  6. Thank you for the inspiration again!

  7. Always fun to see the quilts at the shows you go to.

  8. I do so love going to quilt shows with you, Dolores!!! I think that tablerunner in your last post was my favorite of the entire show - just so different. And the quilt at the top of this post too, it makes me think of birch trees.

  9. I like that baby quilt, and many of the others. Thanks.

  10. I love the Mexican Stars one, but the fact that my favourite colour is blue could have something to do with it.


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