Friday, February 27, 2015

Building a quilt

The Champagne Quilters finished one quilt and we are now into making baby quilts. These will be given away to a charity that supplies hats, booties and blankets to women in third world countries who show up to a birthing centre with nothing for their babies.

When we were going through our stash, we came across some orphan blocks. What we were actually looking for were bright coloured fabrics to make a couple of zig zag quilts using blocks of two colours - similar to the rail fence. Anyway, we had 3 maverick (or crazy) star blocks that were 12 inches and 10 stars that were 6 inches. What on earth does one do with only 10 stars?

I didn't know but Marg said to put six of them together and then use four for the corners in the border. Sounded good to me. Then we had to make it bigger. Since the quilt was only going to be crib size, we didn't need much so we decided to make strip borders.

The first border was going to be mauve and then this pink but Marg didn't like the pink in that position. However, once the pink was put on first, she liked it. Simple solution. 

I then thought that we could frame it in purple. (We are trying to use up some of our stash at the same time that we are trying to make this into a decent-sized crib quilt.) This is a purple that has too much blue in it.

They do look the same but this one had more red in it and so we chose it. We were going to make a bunch of borders in these fabrics.

Looking good. We didn't want the purple border to be too wide.

Just before we called it quits for the night, I laid the other blocks in the corners, on top of the mauve. We had the measurements we needed so I wanted to see how it would look but then Marg said we should just leave it with a wide mauve border and if we needed more width and length, we could then add the dark pink (or purple or light pink.) 
So, that's what we did. I cut the mauve strips and next week we shall continue.
Then we will be working on the 3 star blocks that were 12 inches. More borders - but this time, they will be prints.
Creativity strikes again. We didn't end up using up any fabric but we did get the orphans homes.
I think we even managed to find backing fabric.


  1. Very, very pretty. A project worth doing!

  2. Lovely, and using all your stash, great idea. Have you thought about making a strip border, using lots of colours, the stripes going outwards? More sewing and cutting, naturally. Those blocks have been so well used that way.

  3. Looks very nice and will make some new mother very happy. You chose a good cause.

  4. What a great project! A lovely gift for both the mother and baby.

  5. I love it when you get to use fabrics you already have....great for cutting
    down that stash pile!! lol Lovely projects.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. Beautiful quilt for a wonderful cause, Dolores!!!

  7. So good catching up with you! So many cute pictures of your grandsons and so may lovely projects. You've been very busy!


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