Friday, October 3, 2014


knitting little hats for my charity of choice, the Silent Children's Mission.

I bought the variegated yarn in British Columbia and I have a wee bit left for one or two more hats.

This is the laundry basket full of flannels that I found in my sewing room. Kinda hard to miss, eh? Well, stuff was piled on top and when I unearthed it, I was a bit surprised. Going through the pile was a lot of fun. I found some novelty flannels that I incorporated in Patric's rag quilt.
It's amazing what you find when you're looking for something else. Beside this laundry basket is another one and when I took stuff off the top of it, I found patterns. I haven't gone through them yet.
I'm still looking for binding fabric for my youngest daughter's quilt but I really do think I have to go out and buy some brown. BTW, my sewing room is only about the size of a small bedroom - 8' X 10'. My family wonders why I have branched out into another bedroom (or two) to hold my back-up sewing machine and knitting yarns...


  1. Maybe you could cut out a wall or two, and have one HUGE room, I find there is never enough storage for fabrics, wool or patterns. Love those wee hats. Cheers, Jean

  2. I really don't know how anyone can keep their sewing room organized...I call mine creative chaos.

  3. I had to smile when I read your fabric dilemma. I always find stuff when I am looking for something else. And my sewing room is taking over the entire house!

  4. My sewing room is about the size of yours and I never cease to amaze myself with just how much 'stuff' I can manage to 'stuff' in here. It IS fun to go looking for something and discover something I've forgotten I had though.

  5. Wow Dolores, now I want to explore MY room and see what I have in here, lol. Wish my boys would move out so I could take over their

  6. I have a month before I leave for quilt retreat, so I am about to go foraging in my room. The best part about shopping your stash is that you know you are going to find things you like.


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