Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Baby Sewing

During the summer I had been sort of silent on the blog. It's not because I had nothing to blog about; it's because I had to keep my sewing secret. Since the little girls are here now, I will show you all of the things that I was working on.

You've seen these as I worked on them but here they are all finished.
The one on the left is a 'Care Bear' panel and believe it or not, the one on the right is...

 'Chair Bear.'

 There were two stroller blankets knitted.

Identical flannel blankets.

Change pads trimmed in my colour scheme for the twins - green and mauve.

And some burp cloths - otherwise known as spit-up cloths.

This is the cross stitch I made for the card. 
I made cards for my daughter when she had both Luc and Patric. They were both different.

Well, as you can see, I have been busy, busy this past summer.


  1. Beautiful work:) I love your son's expression in the pic with the stroller blankets...lol

  2. Very beautiful gifts that the parents will use often.

  3. Wonderful gifts! You have been very busy! I see what you mean about the blankets being different sizes. Can't figure out how that happened. Your tension seems the same from start to finish of each blanket.

  4. Your are quite the talented creative one! What heirlooms you have made!

  5. Lovely gifts for the new babies. You are a great grandmother :-)

  6. Very busy with delightful gifts for your grand-daughters.

  7. What lucky little girls to have you for a Grammie!

  8. I'll say you were busy, Dolores - wow what blessed little girls!!! I had to laugh at the Chair Bear, it goes perfect with the Care Bear!!

  9. You've definitely been busy....but what a wonderful sort of busy!


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