Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quick - Crazy Quilt Basic Course

Kathy Shaw is offering her Crazy Quilt Basic Course once again. It's free but it fills up fast. Go here to sign up.You only have until the 12th of October.

It's a great course and Kathy is such a giving person. If you want to see what I accomplished in the last class, here it is.
It was a very good learning experience.
I had never worked with silk ribbon and found that it wasn't all that hard.
So, if you have ever wanted to learn crazy quilting, embroidery and silk ribbon, now is the time.


  1. I'm very impressed at your piece, Dolores, that is truly lovely - I've never had a desire to make a crazy quilt myself, I know it sounds dumb but I don't think I'd have the patience!!! But I admire them tremendously.

  2. That looks wonderful! You are making great progress.

  3. I started visiting a few blogs and to my delight I came across you and this wonderful post!
    I just registered and am really looking forward to it (o:
    Hope all is fine with you!


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