Friday, May 2, 2014

Scissors and Bonbons

I was quietly quilting along when I noticed these.

Isn't she cute?

Lovely bird brain aka stork scissors.

Just how many scissors do I need to complete one quilt? Apparently, three - and they all blend in so at times, it's hard to find one.

 These are how I am using those little Lion Brand Bonbons.

My favourite colour is the turquoise but they are all nice and bright. 
Sorry I can't show you what the end result will look like since they are to be a surprise.

It's nice to have different projects on the go. The knitting is done while watching TV and the quilting is being done as someone reads me a book on tape. Multi-tasking at its most creative.

I hope you all have a safe, creative weekend.


  1. Definitely a multi-tasker here too. I can't stand sitting in front of the tv and not having anything to do (there's so little on tv that's remotely worth actually watching).

  2. I'm also a multi-tasker! I rarely watch tv without knitting or crocheting. Creative weekend to you, too!

  3. Love your knitting! Can't wait to see it finished. Mine is done. I would have had it finished earlier, but I had to go up to Walmart for another ball of white yarn because I ran out of it just 8 rows before finishing.

  4. I like lots of scissors too, the matching ones are Mundial, with a lifetime warranty. However I have had one pair replaced . Do love your knitting on the go too. Cheers, Jean.

  5. The fairy scissors and bird scissors look enchanting; the pink and green ones look a little more practical. I love audio books and podcasts when I'm working on a project.

  6. You go for cute scissors; useful and humorous. The candy colors are fun; looks like nice projects. Enjoy the weekend.

  7. I always listen to audio books while I sew. I also listen to BBC Radio 4 Extra on my laptop. They serialize books over a week or longer. They do a lot of murder mysteries and the classics.

  8. Love the scissors and really can a quilter have too many scissors ? Great idea to multi task , I need to get myself some audio books .

  9. Hi Dolores,

    I too am a multi tasker - while watching TV there is always knitting, ironing or something to do.
    The scissors are really lovely.
    Happy Sunday

  10. I love those birdy scissors. All mine are really plain. Must treat myself to something cute like that.

    By the way. If you send me your address I shall be posting a book out to you. See here for more info:

  11. many scissors DO you need? Then much silk do I
    as for the TV, box sets are the way to go

  12. it is kind of funny how they do disappear into the fabrics ....


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