Sunday, May 25, 2014

BOM update

While I have been busy with other things, I did manage to do a bit of catching up on a couple of blocks of the month.

This is just half of the May installment for Cathy's Carousel. The other half has not yet been started.

 For the Quilt Doodle BOM, it's another tree. This block is thinner than the first tree - only 14", not 16" as the previous big blocks.

Have a great, safe week ahead.


  1. Your QDD tree looks nice. I like the fabrics in your Carousel block. Always a good feeling getting your "assignments" done:)

  2. Great blocks Dolores , you are doing well keeping it with your BOM's .

  3. Nice blocks. You have many projects going on!

  4. Fun and good looking blocks. You remind me that I really should start catching up on a few projects.

  5. Nice blocks, Dolores. I really like the colors in your Carousel and the tree is great, too.

  6. Love the colors for your carousel - and that fabric is soooo perfect for the tree! :D


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