Thursday, January 23, 2014

Last day to sign up

The Quilting Gallery is a great site. Not only can you view the listings (directory) of the various quilt blogs around the world, you can also hone your skills by following along and making the block of the month. Michele , the owner, even hosts swaps.

Olympic Mug Rug Swap

Right now there is a mug rug swap going on but today is the last day to sign up. The swap costs $6.00 (US) and you get a pattern for both of the mug rugs. You are to make both mug rugs and send them to your swap partner. It's an international swap and it celebrates the winter Olympics taking place in Sochi, Russia this year.

I decided that I would join. Hopefully, I will get to meet a new blogger or two while having fun sewing, quilting and blogging. Today is the last day for signing up for the swap.

Go on over and take a look at the site even if you don't want to sign up for the mug rug swap. There's lots going on and you can participate in a variety of things. At least you can look up some of the bloggers from around the world. Lots and lots of inspiration.

Today is the last day for signing up for the swap. 


  1. I also signed up for this swap;o) I think it's a perfect way to rise up my Olympic spirit! Hopefully all will run smoothly, without problems...

  2. That is a nice website with lots to see. Mug rugs are fun to put together. I hope we get to see the ones you make.

  3. Hi Dolores thank you for visiting my blog, which I "want to grow". I wonder whats coming out of this. I was now browsing your blog and I saw wonderful things. I love the quilt which is beeing quilted on a stand (?).. The cap looks beautiful and warm and the guy is nice too. And you are doing useful sewing: The pijama. Very nice. It was a nice visit.

  4. A mug rug! I have never heard of one until now!
    Sounds like a fun project - show pictures!!


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