Sunday, September 15, 2013

Some sewing

On Friday we got a bit of a rain shower.

 This was just as I opened the front door.

It really did come down but it only lasted for a little while. I just wanted to know if I took a photo of the rain, how it would show up. I think my little Elph did an OK job.

Today, while I had the day to myself, I got to cross of yet another thing off my list.

Little boy bibs.

Two big bibs for Luc and two smaller ones for Patric. A western theme because I figured it would be fun for them. The fronts are cotton, the backing is poly/cotton and there is a layer of some flannel in between that I had hanging around. The flannel just gives a bit of thickness and stability.

 Now I'm off to crochet some more little curly worm bookmarks.


  1. Nice bibs. Working with children's fabric is so cheering.

  2. Isn't it fun to sew for little ones. My little one is all grown up now but it's still fun to sew for her.

  3. Great bibs, and I love the curly worm bookmarks that you've been working on.

  4. I think you did well with your rain photo. The bibs are really cute.

  5. Great little bibs for the boys , they will come in handy :-)

  6. yes....we have buckets of rain your little bibs, they are so cute.

  7. Very cute bibs! The extra layer in the middle is great for mopping up drool too.


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