Monday, June 10, 2013

Worth reading

For anyone who likes quilts, loves quilts and/or appreciates quilts and their history, please read Esther Aliu's latest blog post. It's here.

Esther has re-created a quilt - a true vintage quilt and if you wish, you can make one too. All you have to do is join her yahoo group - it's free and therefore, the pattern will be free too, for a limited time. There is some mystery surrounding the quilt, where it is today, if indeed it still exists. It was shown in a 1956 copy of Patchwork by Averil Colby.

And since a blog post is not truly complete unless it has a photo, I shall show you this.

This is just one of the beautiful bouquets I received on my birthday last year. The flowers are all gone but the gorgeous photos remain...


  1. I love flowers always so a pic is very nice to see. Are those blue roses I see?

  2. That's a beautiful bunch of flowers Dolores, I used to grow blue roses, they were called Blue moon... That's about the time I get to visit blogs now :-) once in a blue moon.

    Thanks for the anniversary wishes Dolores.
    Hey I see you've changed your avatar. Looking good as usual :-) x x x

  3. Had another good look at your beautiful flowers. The Blue Moon rose was a very delicate purple. The blue one's here look deep and instantly stand out....stunning :-) x x x


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