Friday, June 14, 2013

Seriously? In this day and age?

We have all heard of the bullying in schools but this really does take the cake. At a supposedly Christian school too. I won't copy and paste the article but I will put up the link.

So sad.


  1. The school,principal, and teacher need to be taught some lessons.Would they do this to someone from overseas? or down south? I hope the boy stands firm, and believes in himself and his heritage. Always good to read of news from your part of the world. Greetings, Jean.

  2. That is very sad , I would call that bullying in the first degree , pretty sad when it comes from a teacher .

  3. There are idiots everywhere. My daughter married a Canadian and moved north with my granddaughter. At the first school she attended she was ridiculed and made miserable because she was American. They moved a few miles away to another small town and she was accepted and made many friends. Unfortunately small minds are global. Hopefully the parents of this school will speak up and the guilty parties will be out the door where they belong.

  4. Unreal - the only difference I see between Americans and Canadians is Canadians are nicer. Seriously, this close to the border there just aren't any differences. I have never heard of anyone being picked on for being Canadian...and what makes it all so very much worse is that this was a {supposedly] CHRISTIAN school. Wow.


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