Monday, July 2, 2012

A Special Day

Today my youngest turned 28.

Here she is with the secret project I had worked on as soon as I got back from B.C. I have a big quilt to do for her in these colours and I decided to make this wall hanging to go with it. It was a kit from Connecting Threads, the fabrics are Birchtree Lane by Jenni Calo and the quilt pattern is by Nancy Rink. OK, now that that is over with, I'll just say that I made the binding double, as it said to do in the instructions and the seam allowance is a half inch. I like the fatter looking binding. It adds just that little extra brown to frame it all. I did not fuse the leaves, even though the instructions said that's how it's put together. I needle turned the leaves and the stems are reverse applique. It is hand quilted and I used polyester batting.

The full back view. I love how the quilting looks.

If I had used a print, you wouldn't be able to make out much of the quilting.

There was personalized birthday beer. Her sister made some labels before she left for a wedding in the states.

They were kept in the fridge and her brother asked her to get something for him. Here she is just after finding the unusual beverage.

The cake.

The same cake.

 And yes, the same cake.

It seems we don't have many candles but these little Happy Birthday cake decorations were in abundance.

I hope her wish comes true.

Part of the family enjoying the cake. There was even homemade rhubarb pie.

And the evening ended with a game of Wa-shoos. My first time playing and I'd just like to say that my son and I won.


  1. A lovely post Dolores! Such days are 'golden'. Your quilt is terrific and what a pretty daughter you have.

  2. Love the quilt - both front and back Your daughter is lovely. It looks like a fun celebration.

  3. Fantastic quilt Dolores for a fantastic daughter.
    ciao linda

  4. Lovely quilt:) Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter.

  5. Sounds like a really fun celebration - and that's a lovely quilt.

  6. Absolutely Gorgeous Quilt and daughter. Looks like a great celebration.

  7. What a wonderful and happy birthday! Love the quilt you finished.

  8. love the look of that cake ... but it would be the rhubarb pie that i'd go for ! ! !
    very nice to see members of your family ... i have 4 kids & my youngest is 29 ... we should have lunch some day and compare notes!
    that wall hanging is lovely


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