Thursday, April 29, 2010

April mini

Just playing.
New Growth. (click to view it bigger)
I had a totally different sketch for April but I really didn't like it. I decided just to wing it and I do like how this turned out. It was totally a matter of whether or not I could pull it off. The 'new growth' is made with my machine's lock stitch. This is a stitch that does five stitches in one spot.


  1. ooooh - I LIKE this! Simple, yet oh so elegant and effective. Great!!

  2. My machine... well, it's a sewing machine. I still find things that it can do.....
    I love the wording by Magpie's Mumblings... elegant...
    Regal even... x x x

  3. My goodness Dolores, I think you should wing it all the time, this is AMAZING! I LOVE these mini's you're doing. They speak volumes!

  4. Like you artwork and the wonderful flat iron building! What city is that?

  5. One more time... so beautiful mini!


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