Monday, May 10, 2010

Another bag

This time it's a diaper bag for my daughter's friend Vanessa. Butterick 5005. Her parents had me over for dinner the two times I was in California. Wonderful people, delicious food and a great time was had by all.
The front.

The back.
Although you can see the bottom in both these photos, the bag can stand on its own. It just didn't have anything in it when the photos were taken. The whole thing is made from sturdy material (not quite a canvas) and it is totally lined with horsehair interfacing. The inside is lined in bright yellow broadcloth - the same colour as the straps - and there are two pockets on both sides. I did take a photo of the inside but it came out blurry and now the bag is no longer here.
No more bags for a while. I am going to do some other sewing.


  1. Dolore, I'm sure that they will be so pleased to have this bag.
    It looks really well made, ah, but then I know you make fantastic bags. x x x

  2. Love the bag.Your daughter's friend will love it.
    Bags are always handy, and you make great ones.

  3. Great bag - wish I'd had such a nice looking when our kids were small!

  4. this diaper bag is quite stylish and fun....and she'll be able to use it once the baby is older, too! great fabrics, dolores!! :))

  5. Hi Dolores,

    This bag is wonderful and Vanessa is going to love this and it will be so handy.

    Happy week

  6. What a classy bag!!!! Love the stripes!

  7. A great bag! lots of pockets! 8-)

    I just bought a heavier fabric (flip-flops) to make a beach bag for my DD1... eventually... 8-)


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