Thursday, April 15, 2010

Female Wall of Art

The wall is finished - according to my eldest son who told me not to add any more. I may add down the road but this is it right now.
The full view.
The full view from the other side.

No matter when or how I take a photo, there is always glare. Here's the first half.

And here's the second half.

The first picture is a silk painting of what looks like little girls playing ring around the rosie by Sarah Hale. Next, the yellow skirt and the peach skirt are prints by Janet Hill. I bought the pale pinky peach skirt print (Bows On Her Toes) first because she didn't have the yellow one available (She Liked To Call Them Her Canary Shoes.) I had recently painted my walls yellow and thought it would look really nice (I know it's a lame reason but there you have it.) When the yellow skirt became available once again, then I had to get it. The lady in black is not the whole painting - just the upper half. It is just a photocopy from a book about my favourite artist James Jacques Joseph Tissot's October. My daughter and I saw the real painting in Montreal. It is gorgeous and huge - about 7 feet in height. I love the way he used black. You can really see the detail in the fabric of the coat. I also love chestnut trees. (the link colours are not really true but close.)

 The small picture above, on the left, is another Janet Hill piece. It is a note card titled "Deck the Heels." I had to get it because it went with the skirts. The lady lounging in the conservatory is the first Tissot I fell in love with years ago as a teenager visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario. It was on loan to the gallery and I just stood and stared at the detail (again) of the painting - especially her long wavy hair and the gown that she is wearing. The original is not very big - perhaps 18" X 24" but it is simply wonderful. I remember it being titled "The Convalescent" but the book had stated two titles and I can't remember the other one. The next picture of a young girl was purchased at the Getty Museum gift shop. The artist is Fernand Khnopff  but I do not know the title of the piece. I saw the original while touring the Getty and was glad that I could buy the print. The next picture is of a print by Cathy of One Pink Goose. I won the Folk Angel in a giveaway that Cathy had last year and knew that it had to go on the wall with the other females. Go visit her blog to see more of her wonderful art and the other artists she features. The last picture is "After the Bath" by Paul Peel which I received as a gift from my youngest daughter's friend. She knew I liked it and bought it for me. My high school friend, the same one I went to the AGO with many years ago has a much bigger framed print over her fireplace (at least she did years ago.)

And now a few more images. Click on any of the photos to see close-ups. The glare is from the window which is on the opposite wall.


  1. Wall of wonder and beauty....

    Really good and love it Dolores.

    x x x

  2. Love your inspiring wall Dolores. Silk paintings are lovely. Love the full skirt pic too.All lovely.

  3. you've got some beautiful artwork.....and i love the way you've arranged it all on your wall!!! it looks fabulous!! :))

  4. I really enjoyed the tour through your art Dolores. What a great idea...and then I saw my Folk Angel. How lovely to see it hanging up there beside other peoples' amazing artwork. I love the batik by Sarah Hale. Thanks for the link to her lovely website.

    I must say I am fascinated by that building on your header. It is incredible. Wouldn't it be lovely to live right at the top? What a contrast between that and the skyscrapers in the background.

  5. Awesome photos Dolores! Looking great on the wall there! 8-)


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