Friday, January 8, 2021

Something new

 But not quilt related.

Cross stitch kits.
I treated myself to some kits. Most of them are not that big at all. I don't need any fabric and since I am currently in England, I thought I would save the international shipping charges. Once I am home, I will be in isolation so I will have something to do to keep me occupied. I have done some cross stitch before but they have all been small things. I thought I would work at smaller kits until I feel like doing bigger ones. I think all of these are a 14 count. My friend has a problem with vision and so she uses 11 count. I have seen some of the cross stitch that she does and she has incorporated some of the designs into her quilts.


  1. They look like fun. Enjoy! ;^)

  2. Cute stitcheries. What the heck are you doing in England? Stay safe!

  3. Lovely kits. That will keep you busy. I thought you'd be back in Canada by now.


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