Friday, July 31, 2020

Sewing, knitting again

I have a few things that are finished and more things that I am still working on.

I finished this Harry Potter scarf for my eldest grandson. I purchased the yarn at Poundland in England (similar to our Dollarama.) I started it in England and just finished the fringe last week. I added fringe because the ends curled up. I will block it before sending it to see if that would help with the curling inwards of the whole scarf.

This is a baby sweater that has been unfinished for a while now and I thought it could be my next knitting project but...

I started (and now finished) this little rainbow baby hat. It was supposed to be a newborn to 3-month size but it turned out bigger. I shall try another pattern. There is a charity on Facebook called Warm Baby Project and it's based in England. They supply knitted garments to hospitals and other places that need them. I have learned a few things while following the site: some hospitals have different coloured hats for the babies in need. They are called traffic light hats because they are either green, yellow or red depending on the level of care the little ones need. It's easy to see in a hurry. Also, rainbow hats and blankets are given to newborns whose families have previously suffered a miscarriage, still born birth or have otherwise lost a baby.

And this is my current sewing project. It's the Quilters Trek - previously known as Row by Row. I wasn't going to participate this year but the theme was True Blue so how could I pass it up? I'm almost finished the rows, or blocks and then I have to put it all together. Lots and lots of work but I love blue so it's been fun.


  1. A lovely idea with different coloured hats, and your blues, that is really beautiful.

  2. Lots of knitting! I love the Harry Potter scarf. And the cute hat. Your True Blue Quilters Trek is lovely. I like blue too.

  3. Code hats in hospital sound like a good idea. Your new quilt will be pretty! The butterflies in the centre are lovely, and blue and white together is always a fresh combination.

  4. I like the idea of the colour-coded hats, but it's so sad that there's a need for them. Of course I like your blue & white quilt (it's blue after all!).


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