Monday, May 27, 2019

Gnomes and Minecraft characters

This was a block of the month last year from Fat Cat Patterns called Gnome for the Holidays. I had finished several blocks but had to leave it because I went on holiday and then other, more pressing projects came my way. I finally knuckled down and completed it. The instructions called for another border but since it will be a wall hanging, it would have been too big for the space I have allocated in the hall. It's not yet quilted but at least the top is now done.

Since the gnomes were a bit intense and needed quite a bit of work for each block (tracing onto fusible, ironing onto fabric, cutting out, ironing in place and then sewing around each fused piece,) I decided to do something that required less work to complete a block. These are a continuation on my Minecraft quilt for my grandsons. The figure on the left is Ocelot and the purple eyes belong to Enderman.

These have joined my previous blocks. Easy cutting and sewing because they are all squares and rectangles.

I then decided to do Villager and Wolf.

And this is cow. If I went in order, then cow would have been the 5th block but there were so many pieces to it. I, once again, knuckled down and got it done.

There are more Minecraft blocks to do but I need to finish off a few other things and I am making the twins some culottes - now that the weather is getting warmer.


  1. I am the same, more urgent things need to be done first. Love the last set of blocks, they are great, and clothes, always a joy to make little one new gear.

  2. Funny blocks of characters totally unknown to me, my own kids are too old and grandkids too young to keep me up to date with things like that. Well done with finishing the gnome quilt top.

  3. I'm not overly familiar with Minecraft but I know our boys played it when they were younger. Looking like it will be a fun quilt, as are your gnomes.


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