Thursday, July 12, 2018

More little people garments

Teemu's mom, my daughter Maili, asked if I could make him more summer pants because he doesn't like to wear shorts. I made him some pants last year in a seersucker and he promptly got a hole in the knee. He still wears those. I found the pattern that Maili liked and some other seersucker as well as some heavier fabric (bottom weight) in light blues and made him three new pair in the next size up.

I don't have a photo of the lighter blue pants I made because I gave them to Teemu before I finished these. The fabrics have been on my shelf for years and so it's nice to find a use for them.

My youngest granddaughter, Wren, was going to England and France with her parents, my son Eric and his wife Davina, and since I had heard that it was quite warm (hot) there, I made her a little sundress with matching panties. This was such a quick little dress to make and it was the first time I had made it. I hope I can make a couple more.

Here she is trying it on for me to make sure it fits.

Here she is with her daddy on the beach in Brighton.

Don't you just love that smile and her sunhat? She's 8 months old.

I also managed to finish up this little sweater for Atticus. Since Wren and her parents were visiting Atticus, I asked them to deliver this. It's a 12 month size and my daughter Ayla requested a v-neck cardigan. The yarn was purchased when I was in England a couple of months ago.

Now, I'm off to get some Row by Row blocks done.


  1. Wren, she is so lovely,and her dress and matching pants, suit her so well,Love that smile on the beach. Pants as well, even now I sew for the grandies, so your skills will go on for at least another 21 years!!! But now my sewing is for underneath stuff!!!Neck warmers, merino hats and scarves all come in so handy down here.

  2. Wren is so adorable!!!! You make such darling clothes for the kids, Dolores.

  3. You have found great patterns for the summer clothes. I think the set with summer dress and matching panties is perfect for little girls of all ages. Little Wren looks so sweet!

  4. Such sweet little clothes and how can you not love that smile on wee Wren (love her name too!!).


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