Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Champagne Quilters update

Marg and I will be breaking for the summer but we decided to get a couple of tops done so we'd have something to quilt when we get back at it.

This one finally got done and the binding was sewn on. I do the sewing machine part and Marg does the hand sewing part.

Not much quilting. Just around every block and then a cross through the middle. This one will be a wheelchair quilt. Marg's daughter is in a wheelchair and used a big bath towel to keep her legs warm. We just took the dimensions and decided to use it as a model for our wheelchair quilt size.

This is the beginning of our next top. We got this much done in one evening. We selected the fabrics, I cut the rectangles, sewed them all together and this is basically, three 12 inch squares.
I got the idea for this from Christa Quilts blog.

 We used up all of the solid coloured light gray fabric and decided to use borders to make it the size we wanted. Next time, we are hoping to get the whole top finished so we can make another one.


  1. Wonderful idea. The purple quilt will be beautiful for a grey haired lady in a wheelchair. The greens and light greys also go together nicely.

  2. Lovely:) I do love purples and also greens. What size is the quilt for the wheelchair? Just wondering as my brother is in a wheelchair

  3. Marg and you do lovely quilts for charity; I know that giving your time is a big part of it. The purple quilt is a nice design and color.

  4. You two make a marvelous team!!! Love them both!

  5. I like both the purple and green - wouldn't it be fun to combine the two colours? If you have any fabric left, perhaps you could!


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