Friday, May 26, 2017

One done, two on the go and baby names

Marg and I have been diligently working away on the charity baby quilts.

While two frames are in the basement, Marg has one frame upstairs and finished this quilt. I love the colours - they remind me of ice cream.

This is the one with the white ducks.

And this is where we came up with the ice cream colours - the floral fabric.

On to baby news:

It's almost like having another set of twin granddaughters but these two are exactly two weeks apart. The little girl on the left was born on May 3rd and her name is Esme Ina (after her great grandmother.) The one on the right was born on May 17th and her name is Darcy May River. Another Canadian name - for D'Arcy McGee (Thomas D'Arcy McGee was a writer, poet and one of the Fathers of Confederation), she was born in the month of May and River was to keep her connection to her twin big sisters Mackenzie and Severn (names of Canadian rivers.)

Sewing news:

This is what my kitchen table looks like. The polka dot fabric and the floral under it are two remnants I picked out this morning. Under it is some Heat and Bond lite because I am in the process of fusing a few appliques and one of the fabrics I am fusing is the brown log or 'wood' fabric.

These are two surprise polka dot fat quarters. They were found in a box that held a pattern for a summer top and lots of photos in frames. Surprise, surprise.

Well, I'm off to a quilt show tomorrow with my friend Judy. I'll try to remember to bring my camera.  ;-)


  1. That is really special to be holding them both, and I can see some baby sewing and quilting coming up all over again.

  2. How sweet is that picture of the three of you. Very beautiful names and babies. Love the quilts Marg and you made.

  3. Super granny! The baby girls have beautiful names. Nice for them to be so close in age, they will be a strong duo defending their rights. The baby quilts are pretty. Surprise boxes can be most welcome!

  4. Darling baby quilts! And oh that pic of you with your two newest grandbabies - what lovely names and such beautiful babes. Such a delighted happy grandma face!!!!

  5. Don't you love it when you unearth something you had forgotten about having - and can't remember what you planned to do with it? Happens to me all the time! What's worse is when I have interrupted a knitting/crocheting project in mid-go and when I go back to it the pattern has mysteriously vanished into thin air. btw - love the new baby names!

  6. Wow, beautiful new lives! Congratulations to all. Im not really back yet, more months to go. Did I ever thank you for the fabric you sent? My mind was mush at that time. So sweet of you!


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