Monday, October 17, 2016

Little knits

Once again, I have been doing a bit of knitting instead of quilting. Just a couple of quick little knitted things.

A little vest out of chunky yarn. I had started a sweater for one of my grandsons in B.C. but it became a UFO and when it was unearthed a couple of weeks ago, I no longer remembered what pattern I was using so I undid it. It was only about 6 inches long so it didn't take long. I asked my middle daughter, Maili, if she wanted me to use it to make a vest for Teemu and she said sure.

Mother and son - wearing his vest.

Later the same day. I'm glad I made the vest a bit longer than the pattern indicated but it could have been a bit longer still.

While I was going through my yarn - about the same time I unearthed the yarn for the vest, I came across this one and decided I could probably get a nice hat out of it. It's a child size and is now headed to B.C. for one of my grandsons. Depending on which one it fits, I'll make the next one (same yarn (Bernat Premium) different colour) either bigger of smaller.

I have a couple of little people garments to sew next. I may knit something too since I have so much yarn.


  1. I wish I had a yarn stash! It seems I have plenty of everything except what I need for my next project!

  2. He looks adorable in his vest. Very sweet.


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