Sunday, October 23, 2016


Well, the cooler temperatures have finally arrived and it is looking more like fall.

Garden centres have stocked up on mums and other fall garden plants.

I don't do much outdoor decorating but I do admire the things out there that I could use if I wanted to. I'm more of an indoor person. Always have been.

I do like the two colours of mums in one container. 

Some trees change quicker than others and it makes for an interesting photo.

Lovely trees and great colours. Soon, they will be bare branches. I'm glad I went out to photograph the colours before it got too cold, rainy and windy. 

The main street close to where I live has been decked out with wonderful planters.

All summer long we've had the joy of watching these plants and flowers grow and multiply.

Even the markets look like they've gotten into the fall colour scheme.

This is my only concession to outdoor decorating. 

In an effort to use up some yarn, I decided to make a hat for Teemu. Hopefully, this will be finished soon. The girls will get a blue one and a pink one. I asked them what their favourite colour was and that's what they told me. Mackenzie likes blue and Severn likes pink. I don't know if I'll use this same pattern (it's knit one, purl one) or if I will be looking at other patterns. I was hoping to get a sweater or two done also. The patterns have been printed out. I just need the time.

I have been busy sewing costumes. The girls will be going out on Hallowe'en dressed as aliens from the Simpsons (Kang and Kodos Johnson.) I have never watched the Simpsons but my son, the twins' father, is a fan. I just have to make a hood for them so that my son can then put one eye in the back. I thought it would be better for the girls if they could leave with the impression of Kang and Kodos while being able to walk comfortably trick or treating.

I have also been trying to keep up with the monthly installments of the Meadow Mystery. This is the clue/task for October. All cut and trimmed.


  1. I gave the Meadow Mystery a miss this time, just a bit too much else to do here, but Cheryl's patterns are so fabulous, you'll love the sewing along the way and the finished quilt. I joined the Meadow Mist one, and so enjoyed it. Those leafy reds and oranges, and pumpkins galore, really is autumn.

  2. Love everything about Autumn! (except Halloween - I don't like being scared!)

  3. The colours this year have been spectacular ...unfortunately every time we were out in the car the sun didn't cooperate and show them to the best advantage. Must be something about hats in the air...I stopped at Len's yesterday to acquire supplies to make several.

  4. Hi Dolores, sorry to be so absent. I LOVE this post with all the autumn colors. And I also love your knitting with DPNs, I enjoy doing that too. Can you tell me where to see the Meadow Mystery? I feel out of touch! ...Barbara


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