Monday, September 5, 2016

Maud's Circle of Friends Quilt Show

Every two years there is a quilt show in Leaksdale, Ontario in the historic church where Lucy Maud Montgomery's husband preached from 1911 until 1926. They lived in the manse which is located across the street and this year there were quilts displayed there too. Both buildings are now museums dedicated to L.M. Montgomery. My friend Judy and I attended two years ago and we were both able to go this year too. I took a lot of photos but not the credits to any of the quilts. Enjoy!

This was cute and made with pre-printed panels.

A close-up. Such nice, vibrant colours.

Oh look, yo yos.

I liked the fact that the stars are on a diagonally divided block. It just adds a little extra.

Those hexagons had machine embroidered motifs.

It was an interesting design.

I thought this was stunning.

A lot of the quilts were just draped over the pews, which were pushed to the outside so everyone could walk around and view all of the quilts.

More tomorrow.
Happy Labour Day!

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  1. I missed this one again! Glad I get to see it through your eyes . ..thank you.


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