Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Maud's Circle of Friends Quilt Show - Part 2

Carrying on, here's more photos from this weekend.

I thought this was a delightful table runner.

This was so bright and was displayed on the stage.

Another bright quilt. this time appliqued.

I thought it deserved at least one close-up.

This was quite different.

Another close-up. 

Turquoise and gray - a great combination.

More yo yos. This one was 106" square. Those are strips sewn together. I guess once a strip was filled with appliqued yo yos, it was sewn to the next strip (I am assuming.) The background was a pale gray batik from what I could make out and I really don't think I could ever do that - cut strips, applique all those yo yos and then sew it all up. It must have taken a day or two...

Lots and lots of scraps.

These colours were rich.

This quilt was a mixture of cottons and wool applique.

There were lots of interesting bits on it - 3D flowers, beads, sequins, buttons.

This was a great looking quilt. It's just too bad it wasn't hug well. The focus fabric was a gorgeous black, gray white and yellow floral.

Simply a beautiful piece fabric.

The quilter even fussy cut some of those white flowers.

Not exactly the same as the one above, but close.

That's it for the display that was in the church. I'll post a few photos of the manse and the quilts that were on display there later this week.

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  1. Some of them were major projects but all are eye-candy.


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