Sunday, June 12, 2016

This and that


is the beginning of a wall hanging. I just thought I would cut up some fabrics that were hanging around. Plus signs in various batiks plus other fabrics.
That is a vest I made for the groom with a rounded front. The bride didn't think he would wear it anyway but I did make it. My son Mark tried it on so I thought it would fit. Well, since I didn't get a measurement for the back waist (the distance between the bone at the top of the spine and the waist,) it didn't fit properly anyway. So, I asked Mark if he wanted it and he said yes. It still has the basting on the edge. I do that after I turn things right-side out so that it can get ironed nicely. I suppose I should take the basting out so it doesn't leave a permanent mark.

I'm knitting too. It's a small pullover for Teemu knitted all in one piece. Less sewing up for me which is good. It's a free pattern on ravelry which links to this Lion Brand yarn pattern. I had some Comfort 12 yarn in a nice denim colour that was in my stash so that's what I wanted to use for it. I'll show it once it's further along.


  1. A plus sign quilt is on my list too! Your blue and green shades are beautiful together. I do the same with garments with a lining, either baste or just use pins to get nice edges when ironing. The pullover pattern is cute and the garter stitch allows the pullover to grow with the boy.

  2. Lovely wall hanging, those shades are so good together.And the vest,I'm sure it will get worn many times.

  3. Love the plus signs wall hanging!

  4. Love the colours you're using:)


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