Thursday, November 20, 2014


I don't usually go in for swaps but I have taken part in the last two mug rug swaps that were offered by the Quilting Gallery. They have a new one beginning soon and sign-ups are now until the 26th of November. Go here to sign up if you are so inclined. It's called Happy New Year Mug Rug Swap. The one that just ended was called Neighbours and Friends Mug Rug Swap.

We were to make two mug rugs each. 

The patterns were given to us (it came with the sign-up fee.) We could do what we wanted with regards to fabrics and I decided that they just needed more embroidery.

These two went to my swap partner Janelle, in Australia.

And just this week I received my mug rugs from Janelle.

There was a pattern for a butterfly but neither Janelle nor I used it. She embroidered hers and I appliqued mine - one I cut out of fabric.

Aren't they adorable together? Hand quilted too.

Janelle also sent this Christmas ornament. It has a couple of extra charms on it and will be going on my twig Christmas tree that I put up in my kitchen every year.


  1. Ooh those are so cute - I can't resist houses!! Love all the embroidered details, and the lovely ornament she sent you.

  2. They are really lovely. I think the embroidery adds a special touch:)

  3. Very nice little rugs and ornament. The embroidery is a nice effect.

  4. Fun swaps! I don't think I would ever be able to put a mug on anything as nice as these for fear I'd slop my coffee (and that is VERY apt to happen).


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