Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rouge Valley Quilt Show

Saturday wasn't bad but it was windy and a bit chilly. Perhaps spring is having a hard time waking up. This past weekend the Rouge Valley Quilt Guild held their show and since it wasn't too far out of town, my friend Marg and I went. It was at a community centre and was held in one huge room with loads of quilts, many vendors, a tea room, members boutique and a silent auction. Neither Marg nor I purchased much but in the members' boutique, they were selling scraps in a mason jar. We were told that the scraps had to be at least as big as one's hand. Some of the jars held 2.5" strips and others had pieces that were almost as big as a fat quarter. I found a jar that was $2.00 (most were $3.00) and boy, did I get lucky.

Most of the pieces were almost the size of fat quarters, if not bigger. I haven't measured them. These fabrics, I am hoping, will come in handy for future quilts. They are all in the pink/purple colour family.

This pretty group of fat quarters was $8.00. Still, quite a bargain. That's it for the purchases. I really didn't need any more fabric and I put the blame solely onto Marg who just had to check out the fabrics in the mason jars.

And now, on with the show.

Marg really liked this one and thought it would make a nice future project for the Champagne Quilters since the flying geese are all made from scraps.

The bonus was that it was hand quilted.

This is such a fun quilt.

As you can see, the maker just had to make the quilt.

A nice use of bargello.

 You don't often see diamonds used in quilts so this was a nice change.

Each diamond was hand quilted in a different motif.

 A blue French braid.

There were some quilts for sale.

It was nice to see a wide variety of quilts.

There were more hand quilted quilts in this show than in any other that I have attended over the last few years.

Marg and I really liked this Sunbonnet Sue quilt.

A couple close-ups...

with 3D elements.

A good mix of some older patterns.

I have always like fan quilts.

There was a nice selection of wall hangings too.

This was a fun wall quilt.

Part two will be posted in a day or two.


  1. I would find it so hard not to buy lots!!! Superb quilts, and what exquisite stitching. Cheers, Jean.

  2. You captured some great quilts. I notice there are two by Lisette. She organized the show this year and did a great job. She also made the raffle quilt. Such a talented quilter, but then so are all the others. Thanks for sharing. I was not able to get as many photos as I wanted. It was just too difficult to walk around for a long time.

  3. Great quilts! I especially like the flying geese made from scraps. Nice!

  4. Thanks for sharing the quilt show , fabulous work , a nice variety of quilts . I think you got a great bargain with the scraps , well worth the money you paid . Love your new header , that must be BC .

  5. Wonderful quilt show pics. I'm so happy to see such a great selection of quilts are being made and so many still hand done. So cool!

  6. I love that you share your quilt show trips. The dog quilt made me smile.

  7. I'm always happy when you post about one of your quilt show almost feels as thought I've been there too! Amazing that all that fabric was stuffed into a mason jar!!


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