Monday, October 7, 2013

Something new

I have been knitting. I am on a mission.

This is the first sock. Totally doable by me since it is knitted flat and then sewn up. I have an idea but I will let you in on it later. Here's the pattern. It's from Red Heart yarns. I am knitting more of them. The needles are new and are only 10 inches long. Since I knew I was going to make these, I splurged and bought new 5mm needles. My other, regular 5mm needles are currently being used on a new project.

I went to the Halton Hills Quilters' Guild quilt show on Saturday. It was at a great location. Beautiful grounds and lovely fall colours on the way. Anyway, I was totally surprised because you see, this fat quarter of batik was tucked in my program. It wasn't a door prize (that would have been a dot inside the program.) I think a lot, if not all, of the programs had one one of these. Or, maybe only the first 20 (I fit into this category), 50 or 100 visitors got one each day, I just don't know. I never thought to ask. 

This usually(if anything), is what you get once you pay your admission. It's sometimes called quilter's  candy - a 6 inch square. They were all in a basket and you could choose the colour you wanted. I didn't want a floral and this was neutral. Want to see what I bought?

There were a lot of vendors and two of them were selling fat quarters for $2.00.

Buy 3 and get one free? Not bad, so these 4 were only $6.00. Do you see a theme here? Turquoise maybe? I do have a lot of turquoise fabrics but since I was hoping for variety, and my project will be for a single bed, I need lots.

And now, more new stuff. I was so lucky to win some fat quarters on Amy's blog.

The UPS guy just dropped this box off and when I opened it, this is what I found. I was expecting an envelope with a few fat quarters BUT...

I won the whole collection of Mix It Up Neutrals and Mix It Up Brights.
Pop on over to Connecting Threads here to view the new line-up of fabrics. They really have great service and wonderful fabrics at affordable prices. I have ordered from them in the past so that's how I know. Thank you to both Amy and Connecting Threads. My stash now has an infusion of new fabrics to play with.

So, that's what is new around here. I will be back shortly to show you the quilts at the show.


  1. Hello Dolores,

    Well done on your sock knitting. You certainly got some lovely fabric and at such a good price too. Lucky you winning such a lot of fabric. Have fun with it all.

    Happy days.

  2. Well done with the sock knitting, and congratulations on your win and bargain purchases. New fabrics are always so nice ...

  3. The sock looks good. I really have to get out my sock yarn and start knitting for the winter. Your fabrics look intriguing - lots of good things coming up

  4. Great sock! I have never done them flat. Maybe I should try a pair. Your fabric looks great
    too! Congratulations on your win and on your great fat quarter buys! A friend and I wanted to go to the Halton show, but we had to be in Peterborough and it was just too far to drive. But I did read that the first 50 or 100 visitors would receive a fat quarter.

  5. Socks are on the knitting agenda for me too, but I doubt they'll get started until after Christmas now. Looking forward to seeing what you create with all your new fabrics.


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