Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A work in progress and birthdays

Since my quilt buddy Judy and I have birthdays just one month apart, we exchange gifts when we see each other - and sometimes it's close to Christmas. The last time I saw Judy, before this past weekend, was at the quilt show that her guild put on in the spring (I still have to post those photos.)

At the quilt show, Judy admired this panel and figured she could do away with her Christmas tree if she had this. During the summer, Sew Sisters had this panel and the lights as a kit. I gave it to Judy early last month and, as you can see, she finished it. We saw many variations of this panel at the Creative Show this past weekend. Judy liked the idea of this panel so much that she was on the lookout for an autumn panel at the show but didn't find one.

This is what Judy got me for my birthday: fat quarters in colours I don't normally use (it's a good thing to stretch oneself), marking pencils for my quilting, along with some sticky quilting templates that I will be trying out, a novel and some note cards of Kim Diehl's quilts. All things that I could use.
And now...

This is the quilt that's on the frame - finally.

You can tell that there have been a couple of turns taken already on the right side. I normally roll from the bottom and top but changed it this time. It's a true pieced quilt.

Can you see the second strip from the top? The turquoise strip?

It's pieced. It was a fat quarter and I don't think I have any left at all.

 Here's another pieced strip.

And yet, another. Can you tell that I used two browns? I only had fat quarters and when my daughter wanted the quilt to be one foot longer, I had to find more fabric. This was the closest I could find. Looking at the whole quilt, it's not that noticeable unless it is pointed out. Not a perfect quilt but that's quilting for you.

In case anyone is wondering, the original pattern is an Atkinson Design called Fire Escape.

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Now I'm going back to quilt.


  1. I love the browns and teals together. I like that you used every bit of your fabric and pieced the strips together :) It gives me an idea to use up my scraps and make a leftover bit quilt :)

  2. The quilt is beautiful! Always a good thing to use up every bit!

  3. Now I can see where the name Fire Escape comes in. It looks super. I have seen the Northcott tree panel but didn't realize the lights were as bright as in your pic. It looks great, too.

  4. I think your piecing is excellent , unless you pointed that out I really doubt I would have noticed . Great quilt and great gifts from your friend .

  5. Your piecing looks great. I would never have known if you hadn't pointed it out. That's a lovely Christmas quilt. If I had one of those I would be able to do without a real Christmas tree too. Great gifts!

  6. It sounds like the two of you get each other awesome birthday gifts. What fun. Your quilts is pretty. I like the colours.

  7. It's fun seeing your teal quilt on the frame after watching it be put together. Beautiful work. Nice present exchange, too.

  8. Isn't it great to have a friend who 'gets' the things you like?

  9. True friends and a true quilter who pieces. The quilt looks great!

  10. Love the quilt - and I think that having pieced pieces is a positive asset - a nod to the heritage of 'use it all' quilting! I always enjoy it when I find myself doing it too.
    Happy Birthday - lovely gifts from your friend!

  11. The colour combination in your daughter's quilt is perfect and the quilt looks so great. The pieced pieces remind me of my mother's sewing: our dresses could be made from a fabric intended for just a blouse, but there could be pieced areas under the arm and under the collar. Very pleasing to use up a fabric, totally!


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