Monday, August 12, 2013

Outdoor Quilt Show

Warning: this post is very heavy in photos.
Well, now that it's over, I can show you some of the great quilts that were hung at Pioneer Village in Toronto this past weekend - Quilts at the Creek. The weather was great for both days. There was a trunk show each day by two different quilters and there was also a vendors area. Included in this year's viewing was a quilt set up on a frame with a few ladies demonstrating hand quilting. As I walked around, the comments were quite favourable. Hopefully, it generated enough interest in some people to begin quilting.

If you wish, please click on any of the photos once, or twice, and it will enlarge itself.

This was one of the quilts that was hung inside the main building.

A close-up of the big stitch quilting.

A first glance, this looks like it's just like any other lone star quilt.

But look again. It's cross stitched.

And now, we'll go outside to view the majority of the wonderful quilts.

Now, this was another one that was really distinctive.

The ladies are crocheted.

It is hand embroidered and hand quilted.

It was for sale too. Sorry for the blurry photo but the wind would blow every once in a while.

Oh look, sheep. There was one noisy one in the bunch but he/she took off behind this group.

This one deserved to be studied.

And look what I finally found after making a whole circle around the buildings. My Juniper Hollow. I love this location. It is exactly the same place that they hung a 16-patch quilt last year that inspired me to make mine. Serendipity.

I do hope you enjoyed the show.


  1. Wow- love your quilt!
    What a delightful setting for the show.Looks like it was a lovely sunny day.Did you get many quilting goodies while you were there?.

  2. What a super place for the show, and so many wonderful quilts, and sunshine too. Thanks for sharing this with us. Cheers from Jean p.s. your quilt is super, lots of fine stitching...

  3. It certainly was a great show!

  4. Every time you do one of these posts I scroll through it thinking 'that's my favourite', 'no, that one', 'or maybe that one' and I can't make my mind up.

    I think maybe you saved the best for last though!

  5. Thank you for the tour. So many beautiful quilts.

  6. What a beautiful show and a beautiful day for it. They really are works of art. Your quilt is beautiful.

  7. Such a lovely setting for the quilts! As always, thank you for your virtual quilt show - it's always fun to see the quilts through your eyes. Glad to see your beautiful quilt was on display too.

  8. Wow! Great weather and GREAT QUILTS! You must have had a wonderful day and the thrill of seeing your own quilt hanging must top it all off. Its apparent there was good effort made to hang the quilts in a way to prevent them being blown away etc.
    Thank-you so much for taking all these pics and sharing with us. I'm having a very hard picking a 2nd fave. Cheers from Oshawa Ontario

  9. Hi!! How's's been such a long time. I love that you post lots of pictures....quilts are never a chore to look at. I hope all is good with you and yours? x

  10. I always enjoy it when you take us along to a quilt shop. I remember this venue fondly from last year.

  11. Thanks for the great show. Wish I could have made it there but spent time with the family and enjoyed the day with them here.

  12. wow, thanks for the photos, I've loved looking through them... some wonderful pieces of work in there that must have taken quite some time to do. You must have been very proud when you saw yours hanging in there too.

  13. Great photos and I will have to do this show next year!

    Great quilts and in a wonderful setting.

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  15. Great Photos Dolores. I must remember to put the show on my calendar for next year. I'm sorry I missed it.


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