Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A new sweater and some new hats

I am home now but while I was in BC taking care of my little grandson, I had a chance to knit another sweater for him. The yarn is Bernat Jacquard in Blue Jean. I made one in brown (Jasper Jacquard) previously and wanted to see what the blue would look like.

It's a super easy pattern.

A bit longer than the original brown one and it fits the little guy. Since Luc has blue eyes, the sweater enhances them.
I have the green jacquard (Jade) yarn and plan on making another sweater - but in a different pattern.

 I also made this hat from a new pattern and used Luc's dad's old red t-shirt. As you can see, it is a tad too big. I didn't try it on him before I finished it.

The next one was out of recycled denim but Luc's mommy thought the crown was too high. Both of these still needed the velcro attached underneath the chin.

This one is again made out of an old t-shirt but it was fitted to his little head and finished with the velcro. The pattern is a combination of the two patterns that I have used to make hats. I think it turned out OK.

And here we are on my last day with him. Luc is wearing the little hat and the jacket that I made him. His auntie Ayla is now visiting him and probably spoiling him with affection.

I think I will concentrate on a bit of quilting for now.
I'll make a couple of little shirts when the mood hits. There's just so much fabric in my sewing room to use up.

I will be linking up with the Needle and Thread Network so go check them out and see what else has been happening in the creative Canadian world.


  1. He is such a big boy now! The hat pattern is justwhat the little ones need, protecting the ears. Perfect fit! The sweater looks very nice on him too.

  2. Such sweetness in a sweater and a hat. Luc looks so good in them.
    Such patience from your side, to make the hat until it fit!

  3. What great hats and I really like the sweater you made! Lucky grandson!

  4. Look how big he's getting!!! Oh my is he going to miss you. I love the hats and the sweater. Dolores, he is just too adorable!!! Welcome home!

  5. He looks so handsome in hes beautiful sweater. The hats are adorable - what a great use for old tee shirts. I bet you're happy to be home, but miss Luc.

  6. Handsome little man Delores..love his hat!

  7. That red hat makes a cute picture!

  8. The sweater is so cute! Is the yarn self-striping/patterning like that? I've only seen that in sock yarn.

  9. He is the perfect model for your projects!

  10. Omg, with a hat on he looks just like my middle son when he was that age!
    What a good idea to recycle sweat- and t-shirts into hats, and that sweater is beautiful.

  11. That little boy is so cute!! Your blue sweater is perfect. Knitting for little people is so much fun. Love your hats, too.


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