Sunday, May 20, 2012

A hummingbird's plight

A true story with a happy ending.

This is not such a clear picture but it is a hummingbird that got caught in a sun porch. The poor little bird keeps batting against the window hoping to get out.

A Calliope Hummingbird was gently captured and set free but ..

it wasn't the first time it happened. Another Calliope was set free days before and ...
there was even a little Rufous Hummingbird that got caught in the sun porch. It too was captured and taken outside. They are so very cute and I'm glad that none of them were injured. They tend to exert a lot of energy and get tired quickly, batting their wings against the window. My son-in-law knows exactly how to handle them so that they are gently captured and released.


  1. Oh they're beautiful!!!! How are they getting in? I'm so glad someone knows how to handle them there!

  2. Oh, so small! They are lovely! Glad they got help.

  3. I'm not sure exactly what they're getting caught in but.... I used to have a problem with a big window and birds trying to fly through it. I put some stickers on it so they could see the glass more easily, and it stopped.

    Can you attach something that would work the same way?

  4. Great photos and a happy ending...couldn't be better!

  5. I had fun catching up with your posts!
    Wow, to be able to hold a humingbird Amazing. Glad they didn't get hurt.

  6. Awww poor little things.
    My hubby will sit for hours waiting to capture the perfect photo :)


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